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Goodbye, 2011

31 Dec

I still remember the first day of 2011 very clearly – I had woken up abruptly after not partying hard the night before because I had been scheduled to work a 12 hour shift at 7am on New Year’s day. I had woken up with a feeling of uneasiness and looked at my phone for the time. “What the….oh, crap!!!” It was 7:30am! I was supposed to be at work 30 minutes ago! Damn you, iphone! Ugh, I jumped out of bed and drove to work, which was about 50 minutes away. What a way to start the year right? Not only did I have to work a 12 hour shift on the very first day of the new year, but I was also very late.

I thought that having a bad start to the new year meant that 2011 was just going to be a terrible year, but boy was I wrong. It was an absolutely great year. In the past 365 days, I’ve started a blog, got a new job, experienced stressful meltdowns (meltdowns are normal for grad students right?), made new friends, played hours and hours of football, studied a lot (and I mean a lot), took tons of pictures of food, had my best friend move 3000 miles away from me, visited the breathtakingly beautiful Canadian Rockies, made Turkey for Thanksgiving for the first time, ran many miles, experimented with many recipes, and learned a whole lot about myself this year.


A chocolate chip cookie recipe coming soon!

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