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8 Oct

Hello! These are gougeres, a French choux pastry mixed with cheese. And what exactly is choux pastry you ask? Well, choux pastry is the type of pastry that’s typically used to make profiteroles (fancy name for cream puffs), éclairs, crullers, and beignets. Choux pastry is made up of flour, water, eggs, and butter, and uses a high moisture content combined with heat to puff the pastry. Thus, there is no use of a leavening agent, like baking soda or yeast.

In this particular recipe from the Tartine cookbook, the gougeres were baked with grated gruyere and thyme! Absolutely delicious! They were fluffy and light, and had an eggy custardy inside mixed with melty cheese. Perfect to eat with breakfast or just by itself!

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